11.04.15 – Death of the Middleman: Criticism of Artificial Intelligence

11.04.2015 – 15:00

Death of the Middleman:
Critique of Artificial Intelligence

Lecture by Dmitry Boychenko

The Middleman is one of the basic dramatic characters of capitalism.  This person is invisible, but extremely important. He is the only person for whom an account in Facebook is not an obligatory thing. It is clear that this person takes the tax for each transaction and, probably, he is wanted for tax evasion. In fact, he is the only alive part of the infrastructure. He is behind each camera, he knows every signature, and he checks each figure. He is a systemic artery, and he’s the only lyric character who doesn’t experience the end of the third wave. In the world where subjects will learn to listen (which is very important for all) and talk (which is important only for people), infrastructure will finally become the property of artificial intelligence.