ARTES LIBERALES. Art & Tech-Knowledgies: the Spaces of Mediation

6 February (Thursday)

19:00 Almira Ousmanova. An introductory lecture “From a communicative image to the medialization of knowledge, or liberal arts education as a practice of freedom (on the concept of Artes Liberales project)

7 February (Friday)

11:00 Book presentation Les Laboratoires du temps : Ecrits sur le cinéma et la photographie (Laboratories of Time. Essay on Cinema and Photography) by Alain Fleischer, the author

8 February (Saturday)

15:00 Meeting with Alain Fleischer

18:00 Round table discussion “Digital Challenge: the future of liberal arts.” Participants: Alexei Krivolap, Felix Ackermann, Dzmitry Karenka, Almira Ousmanova

9 February (Sunday)

17:00 Artemi Pankov. Presentation of the project Museum of Electronic Music

10 February (Monday)

17:00 Ryhor Miniankou. Lecture “An educational knowledge in humanities: what does it mean today?”

11 February (Tuesday)

17:00 Alexandr Tanana. Lecture “Internet animation: social and cultural logic of new format.” Presentation of animation “When we were a clock”

19:00 Antonina Ivanova. Lecture “Time machine in cinema: image transformation”

12 February (Wednesday)

19:00 Pavel Tereshkovich. Lecture “In memory of Charles Robert Darwin: natural selection, sexual life of primitive people and post-soviet ethnography”

13 February (Thursday)

19:00 Hanna Shadryna, Alena Minchenia. Lecture “Between academic journalism and popular sociology”

Discussion and presentation of H. Shadryna’s book “Unmarried: Family, Love and Sex out of Marriage”

14 February (Friday)


17:00 Halina Rusetskaya. Lecture “On some consequences resulting from Jacques Lacan’s formula The sexual relation does not exist

18.00 Viktoryia Kanstantsiuk. Lecture “The antinomies of love and sexuality”

19:00 Maxim Zhbankov. Lecture “Serial Sherlock: who framed Mr. Holmes?”

15 February (Saturday)

15:00 Almira Ousmanova. Lecture “Deindustrialization and epos, or Hobbit as a wasteland of capitalism”

17:00 Pavel Niakhayeu. Discussion “Electronic music scene in Belarus: topical questions.” Screening of a video interview with founders of Belarusian electronic labels (authors: Volha Salakheyeva, Yuliya Kaviazina)

20:00 Screening of a film The Golem, how he came into the world (1928) with musical accompaniment by Harmash.

16 February (Sunday)

17:00 Volha Salakheyeva. Lecture “Live cinema: cinema as a performance”

17 February (Monday)

14:00 Pavel Niakhayeu, Volha Salakheyeva. Beginning of the workshop “Urban Audio-Visual Rhythms”

17:00 Master class “Rewriting children’s fairy tales: gender for princesses and princes” (Volha Hapeyeva, Alena Minchenia, Marta Herashchanka)

18 February (Tuesday)

19:00 Galina Orlova. Lecture “Large qualitative data: burden and excitement of a liberal artist in the age of total digitalization”

19 February (Wednesday)

18:00 Discussion on “Independent cinema in Belarus: who, how and for whom?”. Presentation of works by participants of no budget film festival toKino (Aliaksandra Ihnatovich, Natallia Nenarokamava)

20 February (Thursday)

18:30 Tatsiana Kulazhenka, Ala Pihalskaya. A tour of the exhibition

19:00 Ala Pihalskaya. Lecture “Soviet poster, print and object”

21 February (Friday)

18:00 Andres Kurg. Lecture “Toward the paper architecture. Visionary projects in Tallinn and Moscow in late Soviet period”

22 February (Saturday)

17:00 Alina Krushynskaya, Volha Hapeyeva, Volha Bubich. “Gender signs: text and image”

20:00 Screening of the film La Antena (2007) with live alternative soundtrack by Pavel Ambiont

23 February (Sunday)

15:00 Liza Bobrykava. Lecture “Digital turn: from film archives to amusement cinematheques”

24 February (Monday)

16:30–19:00 Round table discussion “What kind of science and technology museum does Belarus need?” (Leonid Lozner)

25 February (Tuesday)

17:00 «Visual thinking in mathematics» – lecture by Maxim Zhuk.

26 February (Wednesday)

17:00 Katsiaryna Yancheuskaya, Alena Toustsik, Irina Stalnaia. Lecture and discussion “Medialization and medicalization of culture: how is the history of art possible in the Internet age, or is a spectator always a patient?”

19:00 Screening of Vladimir Kobrin’s films. Presented by Artūras Bukauskas.

27 February (Thursday)

10:00 – 16:00 Visualization of uninteresting objects. Workshop by Arturas Bukauskas.

17:00 Alla Sokolova. Lecture “Classical bélles-léttres: from the everyday life to law ideas (the case of Alexander Pushkin’s works)”

18:30 Anna Selezneva, Tatiana Shchyttsova. Discussion “New reproductive technologies as a space of social transformations”

20:00 Presentation of audio-visual installation 24H Solaris (Almira Ousmanova, Ales Tsurko, Ales Patapenka, Natallia Nenarokamava)

28 February (Friday)

17:00 Tatiana Shchyttsova. Lecture “Transformation of the structure of moral experience in the age of biotechnologies”

20:00 EHU Alumni meeting at a music club Piraty (Partyzanski, 6A) featuring performance by the band Addis Abeba.

1 March (Saturday)

17:00 Victoria Musvik. Lecture “Venus and Melancholia. A renaissance myth, psychology and neurosciences”

20:00 Screening of the film Aelita (1924) with live musical accompaniment by Echo Chorus (Riga, Latvia)

2 March (Sunday)

17:00 Maria Godovannaya. Lecture “Education/Screen/Space”

19:00 Presentation of the latest issues of the journal of philosophical and cultural studies Topos. Award ceremony for the winners of academic research competition for young scientists

20.00 Urban Audio-Visual Rhythms – presentations of participants projects

20:30 Finissage. Music by KorneJ