*Program is subject to minor change

5 April, Tuesday

17.00 AL:LABOUR Poetics of Labour. Press‐conference
19.00 Labour in a Single Shot. Project by Antje Ehmann and Harun Farocki – Opening

6 April, Wednesday

 19.00 Lecture of Antje Ehmann (Germany)/Dramaturgy of a single shot, or how to tell a story in a single shot without montage

7 April, Thursday

19.00 Lecture of Joanna Sokołowska (Poland)/ Artistic practice as a means of cognitive cartography and chaos composition
20.30 Europoly /Presentation of the Goethe‐Institute project/ Screening/ Detlef Gericke (Germany/Lithuania)

8 April, Friday

19.00 Lecture/Oleg Bresky/Precariat and its impact on labour and private life
20.30 Film/Conveyor: introductory word – Aliaksandra Ihnatovich

9 April, Saturday

14.00 Round table/Sex‐labour or prostitution: intimate labour, pleasure, violence, exploitation/ Participants: Irina Alhovka, Elena Minchenia, Tatsiana Pratskevich, Natalia Khodyreva (Russia). Moderator – Olga Sasunkevich/
17.00 Lecture/Marya Kotova/USSR as a brand. Study of photomontage in the magazine “USSR on construction site” in 1930s.
19.00 Film/Conveyor: introductory word – Aliaksandra Ihnatovich
21.00 Concert/Artem Atrashevsky/Theremin, electronic /At Minsk planetarium

10 April, Sunday

15.30 Lecture/Antonina Seryakova, Anna Karpenko/Features of “labour” practice of a contemporary artist, curator, curator‐artist and artist‐curator
17.00 Screening of the play of Free Theater and discussion with the director/Tatiana Artimovich, Vladimir Scherban (Belarus/UK)/ Price of Money

12 April, Tuesday

18.00 Lecture/Andrei Gornykh/The Energy of Labour in Soviet Cinema
19.30 Film/Conveyor: introductory word – Andrei Gornykh.

13 April, Wednesday

18.00 Lecture/Elena Tolstik/On Labour and with labour about art
19.30 Lecture/Halina Rusetskaya/Tariff scale of signifiers. How does psychoanalysis work?
20.30 Lecture/Viktoriya Konstantiuk/Ethics of labour: the Unconscious and the interrupted sessions of J. Lacan

14 April, Thursday

19.00 Round table/An artist as an individual entrepreneur? The collisions of creative economy in local coordinates/Moderator – Tatiana Artimovich

15 April, Friday

18.00 Pirimze – Screening/Skype‐conference/Sophia Tabatadze (Germany‐Georgia)/Moderator – Kiryl Kalbasnikau/
19.30 Lecture/Konstantin Ivanov/Distant labour: legal aspect

16 April, Saturday

14.00 Lecture/Pavel Niakhayeu/Sound Studies: An Introduction
16.00 Workshop/Marina “Rusia” Shukiurova/Voice and Image
18.00 Film/Conveyor: introductory word – Xavier le Torrivellec

17 April, Sunday

16.00 Workshop/Pavel Niakhayeu/ Urban A/V Rhythms /
18.00 Lecture/Galina Orlova/To see the Translator: on digitalisation of academia, micromateriality and digital labour of a researcher

19 April, Tuesday

19.00 Discussion/Aleksei Tolstov/Who will buy my beliefs

20 April, Wednesday

17.00 Presentation of the exhibition/Gülay Gün (Germany)/ Forced labour/Hamburg Museum of Labour

22 April, Friday

13.00 Workshop/Felix Ackermann (Poland), Gülay Gün (Germany), Imke Hansen (Sweden), Iryna Ramanava, Iryna Kashtalyan/Reframing Forced Labour
18.00 Round table/Felix Ackermann (Poland), Gülay Gün (Germany), Imke Hansen (Sweden), Iryna Ramanava, Iryna Kashtalyan/Between memory and oblivion
19.00 Lecture/Julia Lysakovskaya/Legal regulation of labour in the field of artistic professions

23 April, Saturday

14.00 Lecture/Dmitry Domanski/Playbor: the game of work/the work on game
16.00 Lecture/Almira Ousmanova/The End of the Grand Illusion: politics and poetics of labour under the conditions of Real Socialism

24 April, Sunday

16.00 Lecture/Dmitry Boichenko/Our automatic future
18.00 Discussion/Organisation of music festivals
21.00 Concert/Hamlet His Highness/post‐rock, electronic

25 April, Monday

18.00 Lecture/Davide Lombardo (Italy)/Between crisis and revolution: The representation of labourers in Daumier (1830‐1870)
19.30 Film/Conveyor: introductory word – Davide Lombardo (Italy)

26 April, Tuesday

18.00 Lecture/Andrei Charniakevich/From Tyzenhaus to Brezhnev: the place of “labour wo/man” in the urban space of Grodno
19.30 Lecture/Siarhej Chareuski/The Beauty of the Useful: stylistic features of industrial architecture of Belarus from second half of XIX till the beginning of XX century

27 April, Wednesday

18.00 Protection and interpretation of industrial heritage/Projects presentation by U. Karteleva, L.Martinkova, P. Skurko
19.30 Round table/Siarhej Chareuski, Andrei L. Kishtymov, Andrei Charniakevich, Stsiapan Stureika, Nadzeya Charapan, Andrei Karpeka/Industrial heritage of Belarus

28 April, Thursday

18.00 Presentation of the project/Benjamin Cope, Viktoryja Stalybka/ Visaginas: Urbanism After Nuclear Power
19.00 Lecture/Juliette Rennes (France)/Women in Men’s Work (France, 1900‐1920). A Visual History of Gender and Work.

29 April, Friday

18.00 Discussion/Tatiana Shchyttsova, Irina Glukhava/Professional burnout and stress at work: psychological coaching in the age of deadlines
19.30 Film/Conveyor: introductory word – Almira Ousmanova

30 April, Saturday

14.00 Discussion “Musicians at work” with participation of Belarusian musicians. Moderators – Benjamin Cope, Pavel Niakhayeu
16.00 Film/Conveyor: introductory word – Tatiana Artimovich/ Agnieszka Wiszniewska
18.00 AL:LABOUR/Finissage