From February 12 to February 28, 2013, the Ў Gallery (Minsk) is to host the ARTES LIBERALES, Author: Reloaded exhibition and educational project for the second time.

ARTES LIBERALES is an artistic and educational experiment aimed at understanding the “benefit” of the humanities education and the necessity to study liberal arts in the current socio-cultural and economic situation.

ARTES LIBERALES is a festival of ideas and art projects created by young people studying “liberal arts” and attempting to interpret various events and phenomena of the outer reality through art and other media.

ARTES LIBERALES is a series of public lectures, workshops and round table discussions delivered by prominent Belarusian and European professors and lecturers. The program of academic events as part of the project encompasses the whole humanities realm: from theory and history of visual arts, gender issues, art critique and media theory to religion, cultural heritage and philosophy.

In this way, by creating the space and opportunities for intellectual discussions and creative practices, the project allows for reexamining the value of humanities in the today’s world.

The thematic focus of this year’s program is the authorship problem, which we offer to reexamine on the intersection between different disciplinary approaches in humanities and social sciences and taking into account the social and cultural change introduced by the “communication revolution” into all spheres of our lives.

The program includes:

• a series of lectures What’s new in the new media?, History of art: a subjective angle;

• presentations of new publications in social sciences and humanities, journals of photography (Volume) and design (Faces);

• round table discussions and seminars – Gender Mission Toolkit, Just Mapping? Green Minsk, History of design on the border, Music and animatography;

• exhibitions of calligraphic works (Strokes of the Visible), sketchbooks (Master/class by Sergei Selezkij) and photography (by beginners and renowned artists);

• graffiti, street art, contemporary trends in music, calligraphic art and animation workshops delivered by prominent Belarusian and Lithuanian artists and designers, musicians and art historians;

• as well as a variety of creative competitions open to everyone irrespective of their gender, age, status and mood.

Project director: Almira Ousmanova, coordinator: Tatsiana Babich, curator of the exhibition: Oxana Zhgirovskaja.