Sound & Space

Sound & Space

Workshop “Sound & Space: Music Industry Development” will cover various aspects of creative industries development and music industry in particular covering range of topics from label-running, identity building to event-management and legal issues.


“Copyright and distribution”

26.03.2014 17:00 EHU, Tauro g. 12 / 407

Watching “Everything is a remix” movie
“Everything costs money” by Mark Splinter

>>>”How to run a DIY record label”

27.03.2014 17:00 EHU, Tauro g. 12 / 407:

“Why DIY?” by Pavel Ambiont (Pavel Niakhayeu)
“Why would you start a record label in 2014?” by Mark Splinter

>>>”Sound & space: from place-based to event capitalism in Vilnius” – open discussion

28.03.2014 17:00 CAC Reading Room, Vokiečių g. 2

Workshop emerges as an initiative to introduce the complexity and challenges for musical industry in the context of neoliberal policies in the field of creative industries. To introduce Belarusian and Lithuanian students to the development of creative industries in Europe, to the opportunities and challenges musical market/industry and its actors face nowadays and therefore to present the perspective for the development of musical industry and to empower students with tools and practical knowledge in the field of creative industries.
Intensive workshop on the development of a musical industry as part of artistic practice, cultural development and creative industries in Belarus and Lithuania.

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