22.04.17 – «Sounds of the Future» in a Hollywood Sci-Fi movies

Julia Vasilyeva

EHU graduate (2016), bachelor of communication, specialization – “visual culture and creative industries: audiovisual media (television and cinema)”. Video editor, designer (drawing), photographer.
Main interests: photography, film production, music / soundtrack, advertising, visual & cultural studies.

Lecture: “Sounds of the future” in Hollywood SCI-FI movies

Future is an unknown area. No one can say for sure what will happen to him in a day, a month, or decades. The idea of time travelling is not new, but in real life it has not yet acquired a physical basis. Literature, visual art, cinematography, virtual reality – these are the areas where the established ideas about the surrounding world are being destroyed, where fantasies become more real than life itself.

“The space and the time of the future” is often the place where the science fiction actions happen. The SCI-FI genre is unique as it is a pure field for all sorts of experiments. It encourages the viewer to accept new universes, other forms of life, to think about the present and already learn in advance from “the mistakes of the future”. “Creators of the future” are the original trendsetters: they represent what clothes we will wear, what cars we will fly, what interior design will be in our apartments. Hollywood cinematography because of its economic model of production can have a special impact on the representation of the “future”. In the SCI-FI movies it is possible to foresee the scenarios of events. An alternative future for our life, for one individual or for the whole mankind is projected. Thus, a number of associations and images are appointed to the “future”.

The sound plays the main role in shaping of the worlds, how it fills the image with the physical volume. SCI-FI genre because of its nature inspired and still inspires experimentation with audiovisual forms and development of sound design, since it is the place where the urgent need to create something new appears. During the lecture we will talk about how the space and time of the future in Hollywood SCI-FI cinema are constructed by music and sound design.