13.04.16 – Лекция: тарифная сетка означающих

13.04.2016 – 19:30

Rate Scale of Signifiers

Lecture by Galina Rusetskaya

Signifiers grid, thrown over life, does not presume homeostasis , balance, compliance, proportionality of costs and benefits. Have one over the eight, miscalculate, go beyond the first origin of thermodynamics in favor of the latter, not pay over the debts of fathers – options, that psychoanalysis works with. Psychoanalytic economy is based on disparity, absence of equivalent exchange, excess/deficiency.

Known surplus satisfaction, dropped down from the grid of signifiers – a kind of a fee for the stability of narcissistic boundaries, which we can not escape from. On the other hand, going beyond those boundaries – is a step towards, what Lorenzo Chiesa calls “capitalized emptiness” – contribution to the economics of desire. The disparity between narcissistic component of love and emptiness of desire – is the basic misbalance which psychoanalysis deals with.