8.04.15 – Gender age. Discussion

08.04.2015 – 19.00

“Gender Age”: a series of events organized by EHU Centre for Gender Studies.

19.00 Feminist library “Gender library. 18+”

Speakers: Tanya Setsko and Olga Petrukovich

Do you want to know more about feminism? Why is feminism necessary?

In our library you can find paper and electronic versions of books about gender, sexuality, LGBT and queer theory, about art and ways to think outside the categories of binarity and normativity. During the presentation we will introduce the books. Beside that, you’ll get to know how you can become our readers.

19.30 Discussion on the topic “Age and Gender Problems in Belarus” Participants: Tanya Setsko, Olga Petrukovich, Olga Sasunkevich, Uladislau Ivanoy, Anna Shadrina and Nikolay Gorbachev.