01.04.15 – Edit Andras: “Curating in the Time of Crisis”

01.04.2015 – 16.00

Workshop for curators by Edit Andras (Hungary)

Curating in the Time of Crisis. Unorthodox practices

The first part of the workshop is a lecture presenting case studies from Hungary that provides very fertile soils for neo-nationalism but also for creative and unorthodox artistic and curatorial practices. In order to get a deeper understanding of the dwindling latitude of the local art scene, it will provide close reading of the situation. It will demonstrate the shrinking field of game for critical contemporary art and expansion of the closely controlled institutions.

The known philosopher Miklos Tamas Gaspar rightly noted, “Hungarian culture is not against the ideology of the recent administration, rather against its acts”. Accordingly, the presentation will introduce the invasion mounted by the official culture and its institutions step by step, as well as the reaction of cultural activists, curators and art professionals on the crisis. The profile and activity of the grass-roots organizations such as Free Artists, United for Contemporary Art, Outer space will be reviewed and explained. The genres invented by the marginalized art community and the creativity of the colorful visual activism will be familiarized with. The assault on public space carried out by the cultural administration triggered vast public reactions and boosted wide range civic disobedience movement which gave birth to a counter-monument, a Living memorial as opposed to the official and highly controversial monument dedicated to the Nazi occupation of Hungary.

The second part of the workshop will be dedicated to in–depth discussion with young curators about their curatorial ideas and ongoing projects.